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Hey everyone, I am Johan and I have been a serial “sleep guy” over the past years  about Johan
During this period I have in need of a good night sleep. I have tried many mattresses but the end result is – I am still tired the next day.

The reason I created this site was to help people like yourself to have a good night sleep with little or none excuses. To do this I am going to share my personal experiences with you and what i have discovered over the years through my own “trial and error” experiments.
I also ask that if i ever say anything that captures your interest that you get involved within my site. I love to talk about sleeping habits and if have anything interesting that you want to share or any opinions of any of the content I have created on my site, please do speak up. I love feedback in every form.

So now my journey through healthy food….

I am currently over 55. I was a lot overweight. By just using a air mattress, I change my sleep patten. It is not how much you sleep. It is to have a good rest while you sleep and it do good to your body needs.

There are so many other mattresses out there that is just as good but the difference is what it do to your body. If you get a lifestyle that is one of health, your mental and physical state will be one of shear awesomeness. I can assure you that when your body had a good rest then you are healthy, your brain usually follows. That is because when you run your body on clean fuel and you give your body regular use, it runs effectively and it is a happy system as a whole.

Anyways, I wish you all the best with your healthy eating and thanks for dropping by.



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